herman utils

Please find some tools below that I use frequently as a windows system administrator. I make no claims about the usefulness, effectiveness or possible damage these tools can cause. Most can be run from a command-prompt with no parameters to get usage information. Please feel free to use them as is or as samples for your own scripts. Please e-mail me with any comments.

SendLCSIM.zipCommand Line IM Sender
This will send an instant message from a command line using a Live Communications Server. Running SendLCSIM /? displays its usage. It requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 or better. To resolve any security exceptions, please run this from a local drive.

PFRuleTools.zipPublic Folder Migration Tools
Tools for migrating public folders between Exchange organizations (including showpfrules.exe which will unhide rules created using Microsoft's rule.dll com object in Outlook). Exportrules.vbs extracts rules to an xml file. Importrules.vbs imports rules from the an xml file. See readme.txt for a description of all of the files and their uses. Note: These have not been tested with Exchange 2007 or Outlook 2007. For scripting against 2007, please see Managing Rules in the Outlook 2007 Object Model

tsreset.exeTerminal server reset utility
This will reset a terminal server session from the command-line. The gui equivalent in tsadmin would be to right click on a user or session and choose "Reset". This is particularly useful if the browse list used by tsadmin is incomplete. An ip address or name can be used with tsreset.exe. Also, different credentials can be used by mapping to ipc$ on a terminal server before running tsreset.exe. Running tsreset /? displays its usage. Please see articles KB243202 and KB320192 for similar Microsoft Commands.

ezcmd.exePostini ezCmd utility
This will allow you to run ezCmd from a windows box against a Postini domain. For more information on postini please see http://www.postini.com. This version - 1.5 - fixes some errors introduced by IE security patches by removing the dependency on IE.

query.vbsCommand-line ldap query script
This is a script for performing ldap queries from the command-line. The gui equivalent would be to would be to select a new query from the ADSI Edit MMC snap-in. Running cscript query.vbs displays its usage.

copy-sp.zipSharepoint Uploads/Downloads
Performs Sharepoint Uploads and Sharepoint Downloads from the command line. This uses Frontpage RPCs so it doesn't require webdav or the WebClient service. Run "powershell ./copy-sp.ps1" for usage.

aduc.vbsActive Directory Users and Computers Automation Script
Opens Active Directory Users and Computers to the properties of a specific object. Run aduc.vbs for usage. Requires XP or better.

evalert.vbsEvent log alerter
This will send an e-mail when an event is logged on a Windows NT server. It requires WMI on the server. For NT 4 servers, this can be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/release.asp?releaseid=35751. Running cscript evalert.vbs displays its usage.

httpgetfile.exeHTTP File Downloader
This will downlaod a file over http. Particularly useful for downloading mssecure.cab or mssecure.xml. It requires IE3 or better.

mbsa importersMBSA Result Importers
This will import the xml file output from Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer into a spreadsheet or sql database.

remrun.vbsRuns a process on a remote machine.

reg.vbsGets and sets registry values on a remote machine.

splitfile.vbsSplits text files into multiple files.

ReplaceText.vbsReplaces text in a text file.

GetSize.vbsShows the size of directories and subdirectories.

winver.vbsShows the version of windows on a remote machine.

listshares.vbsShows the shares on a remote server and their local paths.

findmsg.vbsFinds a bad message in a Microsoft Exchange mailbox from an 8507 eventlog event by logging into the mailbox.

VBScriptFunctions.vbsVBScript wsh functions that I frequently reuse. See the file for function descriptions.

PowerShellFunctions.ps1Powershell functions that I frequently reuse. See the file for function descriptions.

Type-PDF.ps1Script to display the contents of some Adobe Acrobat PDF files without any formatting.